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While Tulias’s busy on The X Factor, Dappy’s launching his solo career.

Best known as one third of Camden grime rascals N-Dubz, Dappy has been concentrating on solo superstardom these past few months. No Regrets follows Spaceship, a track he made with fellow London rap bad boy Tinchy Stryder.

So what about the rest of the band? Well, Dappy’s cousin and bandmate, the super-gorge Tulisa, is busy being heralded as ‘the new Cheryl Cole’ as she takes a place on judging panel of The X Factor. And watch the video for No Regrets closely and you’ll see Fazer tinkling the ivories around the 2:30 minute mark!

Dappy is a loveable rogue and certainly not the kind of boy your parents would want you to bring home for tea! But, when he’s not popping up in the tabloids for a selection of misdemeanours, he’s educating people about international traditional dress. Yes really. Without him, who would’ve known that those funny woollen hats he wears with the ear flaps are called chullos, a style native to Peru?

Five top facts about Dappy

1. His real name is Costadinos Contostavlos
2. Dappy was once forced to deny rumours he had opened his own kebab shop called ‘Dapz Bapz’
3. He once went temporarily deaf after an N-Dubz tour
4. He is a massive Arsenal fan
5. Dappy dropped out of school when he was 15, but later returned to college and got an A* for English

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