James Morrison: “JLS can’t sing!”

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Soul singer James Morrison took a break from looking serious and scruffy to slag off JLS’ vocal skills. Ut oh!

He’s usually found sitting by himself looking miserable and strumming a guitar, but sullen soul singer James Morrison has decided to unleash his inner bitch – he’s been saying that JLS can’t sing.

He was having a good ol’ moan about how The X Factor has become a bad influence on today’s youth and the music industry in general.

“That show sends out the message that you can be famous for doing nothing and that you can succeed even if you’re not a good singer,” he griped.

He then turned his venom rant to JB, Ortise, Marvin and lil’ Aston.

He snarled: “JLS are the worst singers I’ve ever heard. I’ve heard their raw vocals in the studio and they just cannot sing, yet they’ve had multi-million selling albums.”

Maybe he should buy himself a deep V-neck t-shirt, get a hair cut and ask the lads if he can be the 5th member. Or not.

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