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Bradley Cooper breaks cover on Graham Norton to reveal details behind The Hangover 3!

Bradley Cooper has revealed the biggest hint yet that a third Hangover film will go ahead while speaking on the ‘Graham Norton Show’.

The ‘A-Team’ star had previously teased in a live Twitter chat earlier this year that the third film could be set in Europe, posting:

“It would be insane to shoot somewhere like Amsterdam or London – and Insane meaning good!”

However, it now seems as if the film could take place in L.A and bring the trilogy to a close.

“I hope we’re going start shooting in September [2012]. I know Todd Phillips is working on the script… We adhered to the formula in the second ['Hangover' movie], [and] the third would close the trilogy. I think it’ll take place in L.A. and take a different path”

But enough with Cooper and his mind games. Where would you like to see the third movie set and what do you think the wolf pack should get up to in this latest outing?

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