Story Highlight

Both actors have a thing for stale food!

Impossibly good looking couple Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdam came to the KISS FM UK studios to tell us about this year’s Valentines must-see film The Vow, which is likely to have many girls reaching for the tissues.

Based on a true story, the movie is about a newlywed couple (played by Tatum and McAdam), recovering from a car accident that put the wife in a coma. She later wakes up with severe memory loss and doesn’t remember her husband, who is determined to win her heart again (imagine forgetting you were married to Channing Tatum!).

Neev sat down with the stars to talk about how their real relationship helped them get into character for the romantic movie and how they both feel about the UK. They also chatted about Channing’s ‘smizing’ skills, and revealed that both of them have a thing for stale food! Plus of course she just had to find out whether Channing really did give the best hugs. ‘The Vow’ hits cinemas on Friday 10th February.