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A 2011 Chrysler ad is at the centre of the issue.

Eminem is reportedly being sued for $9million (£5.7million) by a homeless man who says the rapper stole his idea for an advert.

Car company Chrysler debuted the ‘Born Of Fire’ commercial featuring Eminem and his track ‘Lose Yourself’ during last year’s Super Bowl but acording to website, a man called Stephen Lee Pieck, says the idea was all his:

“I want the court to reward me a judgment in the amount of $9 million. I designed every aspect of the commercial and the commercial was stolen from me. In addition, I did not receive compensation in monetary terms for the work I did.”

Oh dear!

Ads during the Super Bowl are traditionally expensive and successful – It can cost an average of $3.5million for a 30 second spot!

In the first couple of hours after the Eminem Chrysler ad first aired in the States, “Chrysler 200″ was the second most searched term on Google.