Dappy as a survival show star?

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‘Man Vs Wild’ presenter Bear Grylls wants Dappy in his survival show.

Could Dappy end up drinking his own pee?

Well, following the N-Dubz star saying that he’d like to do a ‘Bear Grylls style show’, the ‘Man Vs Wild’ and ‘Born Survival’ presenter has responded saying Dappy would be welcome to be on the show.

The former soldier – who, in his programme, ‘Born Survivor’, has had to drink his own urine, eat various insects and parachute from a helicopter – is keen for the N-Dubz singer to take part after hearing that he refers to himself as a “jungle man”.

He said: “Yes, let’s put Dappy in the mix. I’m all about encouraging people to get out there and enjoy the outdoors. Whether it’s Dappy or a 10-year-old kid in Liverpool, go for it. Life is there for the taking and adventures are there to be lived off.”

Dappy recently said he would like to follow in Bear’s footsteps. “It’s all about living life to the fullest. There is so much you can do out in fields with space.” he said.

“I’m a jungle man. I like the greenery and the scenery and the wild. I love lakes, fishing, fire – my pops was born in Africa so I’ve got that in me. I’d like to do a Bear Grylls-style show.”