Rihanna and Cheryl Cole’s girl crush love-in

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Plus Rihanna insists that she doesn’t dress daringly for attention.

While Tulisa and Dappy are falling out over twitter, Rihanna and Cheryl Cole are having a #girlcrush love-in.

The stunning artists have made no secret of their ‘admiration’ for each other in the past, but the pair have exchanged tweets now, about ‘perving’ on each other.

Rihanna has also been in the news after insisting that she doesn’t dress daringly for attention.

Despite regularly hitting headlines for her outfits, including a see-through black top and no bra this week, the 24-year-old singer insists she doesn’t dress to shock – she just wears what she feels comfortable in, even if it leaves little to the imagination.

She explained: “Dressing is always so spontaneous, it always depends on the mood, plus the occasion, plus your little badass daring touch that I like to put on my outfit every time. I don’t do things for the response or for the controversy. I just live my life.”

She continued: “The clothes that I like and the clothes that I’m attracted to sometimes are sheer, sometimes are bold, sometimes they’re very daring. I’m okay with buying a sheer shirt, because if I bought it sheer, that means I was okay with you seeing through it. Someone else might wear it with a bra, someone else might wear it with a tank top, someone might wear it with booby tape, someone might wear it with none, and I happen to fall in that category.”

She added: “I get caught a lot of times without wearing a bra … but it was never my intention. If I don’t wear a bra, that means I didn’t want to wear a bra. It’s not usually for attention, it’s just because it would mess up the outfit completely.”

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