Trey Songz previews his album

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“So many artists are fast food. I wanna be the full course meal.” he said.

KISS went to an exclusive Trey Songz playback party last night in London, where the artist gave us a preview of six tracks from his forthcoming album ‘Chapter V’.

Filling us in on his success to date and how he plans to take it to the next level with his new material, Trey said: “So many artists are fast food. I wanna be the full course meal.”

Previewing a mixture of slow jams and R&B club, the singer-songwriter is predicting that this will be his most successful yet.

Trey recently joined AJ at KISS to talk more about the album and past playback sessions around the world “The feedback’s been amazing” he said. I got about 30 recorded for the album so I gotta compress.”

The six tracks we heard were called ‘Heart Attack’, ’2 Reasons (feat. T.I.)’, ‘Swimming,’ ‘Without a Woman’, ‘Ladies Go Wild’ and ‘Simply Amazing’. However, with over  30 tracks recorded there could be a possibility that not all make the final cut,

He also discussed hooking up with Kelly Rowland, his thoughts on the Jay Z and Kanye West ‘Watch The Throne’ show, dinner with Jessie J and why he’s now ready for a relationship (yes Treys Angels…he did say ready for a relationship!)

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