Tulisa and Dappy clash on twitter AGAIN

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Tulisa says she doesn’t “condone” Dappy’s “latest hype”

Tulisa has criticised her cousin and former bandmate Dappy on Twitter saying she doesn’t “condone” his “latest hype”.

She’s referring to his controversial new single “Tarzan 2 (I’m Coming)” which features Dappy dissing celebs including Alexandra Burke, Simon Cowell and Tinie Tempah, leading Tulisa to send several tweets including the one below:

“Just puttin it out there – dont involve me in Dappy’s latest hype, I don’t condone it in anyway and it’s a shame I’m not around to control him.

Dappy hit straight back, tweeting:
“I just wanna say, i will always back anything you do T, #BloodIsThickerThanWater ”

Tulisa and Dappy only just reconnected in Ibiza after their last twitter spat back in March.

The video that’s caused the latest bit of friction between cousins is below.

WARNING! This contains explicit content.

Dappy recently confirmed that his debut album is called “Bad Intentions” and will be released on October the 1st

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