Kim Kardashian says Kanye’s her perfect match

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Kim talks kids while Kanye raps about her ‘home movie’.

Kim Kardashian described boyfriend Kanye West as “the most supportive person in my life” and has hinted that she wants to have his babies. Meanwhile, Kanye raps about her infamous ‘home movie’.

During an interview on US TV show ‘The View’, Kim said that she thought the rapper/producer was her perfect match, and when questioned about mini Kardashian-Wests, the reality star said: “kids is definitely something that I want”

See a clip of Kim’s TV interview below:

Although still technically married, Kim has been in a relationship with Kanye for six months and throughout that, the duo have pretty much consistantly remained in the spotlight.

Kanye’s new track Clique, has generated lots of headlines all over the World today as it appears to contain a line which refers to his girlfriend Kim’s infamous uh…’adult movie’.

In the snippet below, West raps the line:

“Break records in Louis, ate breakfast at Gucci. My girl a superstar all from a home movie.”

Ah KimYe, such a cute couple…

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