Rihanna and Chris Brown ‘kiss’.

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The internet is buzzing with news about a ‘kiss’ between the former couple.

So the internet is buzzing with news about a ‘kiss’ between Rihanna and Chris Brown at an award ceremony last night with some speculating that this proves they are back together.

The grainy pictures online show Rihanna & Chris leaning in to kiss each other on stage at the ceremony when she won the┬áVideo of The Year prize for her single with Calvin Harris ‘We Found Love’.

Somehow, we think it was just a simple ‘well done’ hug and kiss…nothing major, besides, surely that wouldn’t be the best place to jump in to a public display of affection.

Rihanna recently confessed to still having feelings for Chris and said she found it hard to act normally around him whenever they saw each other.

What do you think – meaningless or proof it’s back on bewteen them?

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