Pink: I may be the first to turn down Simon Cowell

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Watch Pink chatting to KISS about music, US X Factor and more…

Pink caught up with Neev in a London hotel to talk new music,working with Eminem and Lily Allen Rose Cooper, finding British guys sexy and saying no to Simon Cowell.

When asked if it was true that she had turned down the opportunity to to be a judge on US X Factor, Pink said:

“I did, I turned down all of those gigs…I may be the first person in ever in the history of ever.”

The star explained that whilst she wasn’t bad mouthing those who chose to do it, she didn’t feel that she needed a ‘comeback’, telling KISS:

“You know in twenty years when I wanna stay home and I need like a kick start, and no one’s getting my song – then I’ll be a guest judge on something by that point – who knows what’ll be on TV”

Pink, who has over 10.5million followers on twitter also shared her ideas on how embarrassing tweets could be avoided:

“I think twitter should have a breathalyzer on it, on your fingers, like if you type in and the phone detects alcohol in your blood stream then it should just shut down and say “emergency calls only””

Watch the full interview below. Oh and beware, she’s a bit of a potty mouth!:

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