Are Rihanna & Chris Brown back together?

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The pair were spotted together at a Jay-Z gig in New York.

In Episode 2,059 of the ‘are they aren’t they?’ Rihanna and Chris Brown saga, it seems there are even more reasons to believe that the former couple may be reuniting.

Last night, Rihanna and Brown were snapped together at Jay-Z‘s show in New York hanging out and US blogs have been buzzing with news that they arrived and hung out in the VIP area together throughout the show.

Much is also being made of a cryptic tweet from Chris’ girlfriend Karrueche Tran, who simply posted “Bye Baby” around the time Rihanna and Chris were off to the Jay-Z gig (although this could just have been a nod to the Nas tune of the same name).

This appears to be the latest sighting of the R&B stars after Brown was been snapped leaving the hotel Rihanna’s reportedly been staying in in New York the other day after the couple were spotted together at another nightclub.

Rihanna has made no secret of the fact that she still has feelings for Chris, after telling Oprah that she still loves him.

Only those guys know what’s really going on.

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