Calvin Harris talks GaGa, Ke$ha and more

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Is he dating Ke$ha? What happened with Lady GaGa? Watch the interview.

Calvin Harris came into KISS for a chat and told us more about the twitter ‘issue’ with Lady GaGa, what Leona Lewis‘ original version of We Found Love sounded like and lots more.

The Scottish producer told Rickie, Melvin and Charlie how so many other artists were up for doing guest vocals after he scored a hit with Rihanna on ‘We Found Love’

“For Rihanna to come in and just take that song it’s the best thing that could have happened because after that and because it was a big success, a big hit everyone was up for it.” he explained. “Everyone! There was no one that wasn’t up for it. Yeah I was surprised. Even Dizzee Rascal was up for it!

Leona Lewis recently revealed that she had originally recorded vocals for We Found Love before Rihanna, and that she felt that her version was better. Harris however, just described it as ‘different’, saying: “They’re very different because she (Leona) sings it dead softly, you know, how Leona sings… It’s more like an X Factor ballad.

As well as chatting about his new album, Harris also told the KISS Breakfast Team whether he was (or had ever) dated Ke$ha. Watch the video below to find out what else Calvin Harris had to say.

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