Lady Gaga’s producer calls Nicki Minaj ‘whack’

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Producer DJ White Shadow says Nicki Minaj is “lucky, not talented.”

Lady GaGa‘s producer DJ White Shadow has launched a Twitter attack on Nicki Minaj, saying that the rapper is “lucky, not talented.”

White Shadow, who was responsible for producing most of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way album, tweeted:

“Ok. Nicki Minaj. F**k you. Get a grip. You are lucky, not talented. Stop. Please stop. XO. DJWS.”

Um…not quite sure what sparked the outburst, but despite deleting his initial tweet, the producer then said:

“Oops didn’t mean to delete that. But I don’t recall what I said, basically it was “come on son” to nicki. Cause you are whack.”

He later continued: “You can be judgmental. My views are my own. I am by myself. I don’t hate. It’s not hate, just dislike for poor taste.”

DJ White Shadow has previously caused controversy on twitter with another artist often likened to Gaga. In January, after Madonna insinuated that Born This Way was a ‘redo’ of Express Yourself, he hit the social networking site calling Madonna an ‘old lady’.

So far, there hasn’t been any comment from either Nicki or Gaga.


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