Naked man alert on Rihanna plane to London

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Things got a bit restless on the flight to London and a man ended up streaking.

It’s amazing what being tired can do to you…looks like some of the journalists on board Rihanna‘s 777 Tour airplane got a bit restless on their way to London and one ended up streaking through the aisle!

KISS’s very own Clara was aboard the plane, having joined the tour in Berlin – the 5th stop of the tour – when the hysteria descended.

Some of the tweets and blogs from other journos on the plane have been hilarious.

Anyhoo, here are a few of Clara’s pics from Berlin. We’ll be adding more throughout the day.

In other Rihanna-related news, a remix of her No. 1 single ‘Diamonds’ has hit the internet and it features Kanye West.

Reviving some classic Fresh Prince lyrics, Kanye drops a long verse at the start of the track, which you can hear below:

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