Splitsville for Rob Kardashian & Rita Ora

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Nasty tweets posted then deleted. Were Rob Kardashian & Rita Ora ever really a couple?

Oh dear…it looks as though Rita Ora and Rob Kardashian have split up, and things are already getting a bit nasty in social media land. Well, that is if they ever were a couple.

Despite the fact that neither party actually confirmed they were ever even seeing each other, it looked like the Shine Ya Light singer and brother of Kim Kardashian were an item.

It was only about a month ago that Rob Kardashian was sharing happy loved-up photos of himself with Rita Ora on his twitter page and then today a newspaper was reporting that they’d split, with Rob deleting everything from his twitter that reminded him of her.

Then this afternoon, in the tradition of over-sharing celebs, Rob decided to post a stream of messages (which he quickly deleted afterwards), about whoever he was seeing, saying that they had cheated on him with a string of men this year. He didn’t mention any names, so it really might not be about Rita Ora at all. It could just be some other girl.

*Big sigh*

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