Come on ladies…One Pound Fish!

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There’s gonna be an actual release of ‘One Pound Fish’, complete with remixes.

Don’t be surprised if you’re hearing “Come on ladies, come on ladies, one pound fiiiiiissshhh” at your Christmas parties this year as the £1 Fish Man got a record deal!

He was an internet star after people filmed him singing a catchy song while selling fish in a market, then he made an appearance on The X Factor and now Muhammad Shahid Nazir (AKA £1 Fish Man) has signed a record deal so there’s gonna be an actual release of ‘One Pound Fish’!

In a pun-filled release from the record label, we’ve been told that “After watching this on You Tube, along with 3.5 Million others… the folks at One More Tune decided to help Nazir make his song a hit. Together, they tried rock, sole, skate-punk and drum ‘n’ bass until they found a style that they both thought was the dog’s pollocks.”

As a reminder, here’s Nazir in action:

Well there are now a selection of remixes including a Trap remix and a Speakerbox one too, plus we hear the video will feature some entertaining dancing. Here’s a photo from the video shoot

One Pound Fish will be released on December 9th. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if this became the UK’s Christamas No. 1?!


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