She’s “The One”! Harry Styles 4 Taylor Swift

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Oh, to call them “Haylor” or stick to the traditional two name route! Decisions decisions.

One Direction fans across the world began frantically sewing Taylor Swift voodoo dolls yesterday (probably) when the news broke that Harry Styles has fallen head over heels for the US singer.

A sunday tabloid reported Nick Grimshaw, a close pal of Harry’s, referred to Taylor as “the one”.

“Harry really likes Taylor, he’s fallen for her in a big way,” Nick said.

“At first I wasn’t sure if the relationship was a real one but I talk to him a lot and it seems to be that she’s the one – for now, anyway.”

Then, which will probably enrage die-hard Directioners even further, he went on to praise how much fun the We Are Never Getting Back Together singer is.

“American artists are usually really, really boring and reserved but Taylor is fun. She’s always up for a laugh and is really good company.”

Fans of the cherubic boyband pin-up shouldn’t worry too much. She has more celebrity ex-boyfriends than red dresses – which judging by photocalls over the last month is at least ten.

And besides, everyone knows that a relationship that gets outed by a newspaper is the grown up equivalent of two sets of initials painted on the back of a school toilet door in Tippex.

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