Burn off some turkey with Lethal Bizzle

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Hmmm, you look like you want a six pack like a grime god. Lethal Bizzle has some tips… ahem.

Lethal Bizzle… we all know he can rap, but is he ripped? He seems to think so, and we are also in to imagining he is hiding a washboard stomach beneath his hoodies and gilets.

The 28-year old has posted a handy video on YouTube for fans and admirers to observe, absorb and emulate in the groggy days after Christmas. Lethal B, who it seems is very knowledgable and health and fitness, shows all you need is a baggy pair of jeans and a log if you want to achieve a rippling torso and/or not gain a pound over the festive period.

To see the Londoner grunt his way through press-ups, squats and a quick jog – all while wearing one of his trademark ‘Dench’ hats – check out the video.

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