Who’ll cook Snoop Dogg’s Christmas dinner?

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The rapper turned reggae star says he’s good at breakfasts and BBQs, but turkeys are a no no.

Ol’ Snoop Dogg is full of surprises. You might have seen him cooking up a storm with American TV chef Martha Stewart, but he’s adamanat that when it comes to making Christmas dinner, he’s a bit of a turkey.

He told a newspaper that he won’t be going anywhere near the kitchen on Christmas Day.

Snoop said: “I can definitely throw down in the kitchen. I’m an expert breakfast chef and I’m a beast on the grill.

“But I leave Christmas and Thanksgiving to the experts.”

The rapper, who is has rebranded as a reggae singer called Snoop Lion, is sure that one ingredient be left off his dinner plate next Tuesday…. the dreaded brussell sprout.

“No! I don’t care how much butter they’re soaked in… do not put no Brussels sprouts on my plate!” he ranted.

He also admitted that being on tour so much makes the festive period even more special to him.

“I like to spend Christmas with my family. I’m on the road so much that it’s important that I make time during the holidays.

“My kids are very fortunate and I’ve been known to stuff a few stockings at Christmas time.”

Merry Christmas, Snoop!

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