Will.i.am stole Scream and Shout… from Tulisa

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Poor Tulisa, Scream and Shout has gone top 5 across the world while her debut LP fails to make an impact.

Yep, it left us scratching our heads, too. Will.i.am apparently snatched Scream and Shout from Tulisa’s grasp, erased her vocals and plonked Britney Spears on there and scored a global hit.

According to the papers today, Tulisa originally used the beats from Scream and Shout to lay down a track called “I Don’t Give A F**k” for her debut album. But, when Will.i.am heard the catchy riff, he decided he wanted it for himself, and callosuly gazumped the ex-N Dubz singer without a second thought.

T’s been telling people that’s why Britney sings in a bizarre London accent on the track, as Will liked the sound of her originally and was trying to copy it.

BUT, Will has a slightly different take on events. He told The Sun: ‘“A guy named Lazy J made the beat. Tulisa wrote to it but he didn’t like it, then I wrote to it and he loved it.”

Whatever happened, Tulisa could really do with a hit. Her debut album has failed to set the charts alight.

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