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Apparently even the President of the United States of America knows the Gangnam Style dance!

President Obama has “White House Style”

He might be the most powerful man in the world, but President Obama is just a dorky dad when his day at the Oval Office is done.

He told Psy that he often does the ‘Gangnam Style’ dance at home at the White House… much to the embarrassment of his two children!

The Korean popstar revealed the US President had made the admission when they met at a special Christmas in Washington concert earlier this month.

He said: “He told me he’s good at ‘Gangnam Style’ but that the ladies at his house are embarrassed when he’s dancing so he’s not doing it.”

That wasn’t the most shocking thing Psy admitted as it turns out he is also working on a full length album. “I want everybody’s attention,” he said.


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