Karaoke queen: Adele tops the chart

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If you’ve been at a karaoke bar lately, you’ve probably heard enough badly sung Adele to last you a lifetime.

Adele has plenty of awards on her mantlepiece (or, more accurately enormous trophy room), but this is an acccolade that she is sure to be pleased to add to the collection.

According to a karaoke website, her hit Something Like You was the most popular song to croon along to in 2012.

Now while EVERYONE is guilty of belting out the ballad, there’s a difference between doing it in the privacy of your kitchen as you do the washing up and standing on a stage and screeching at work collegues or strangers.

Karaoke website Lucky Voice sys that of the 3.1 million songs avaialble to sing along to, Adele’s Someone Like You came in top, with 7.4% of all plays!

Second was Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe, which is just as easy to sing in the wrong key.

Adele’s other hits Rolling In The Deep and Make You Feel My Love were also in the top ten.

It’s almost like the sad songs are the most fun to sing, isn’t it?