Ed Sheeran moans that he’s not Taylor’s type

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Sounds like the ginger guitarist has an unreciprocated crush on the statuesque American…

She’s currently turning eyes green with envy and inspiring hateful tweets as her romance with Hary Styles goes from strength to strength.

But it seems like Taylor Swift could always call upon Ed Sheeran if her latest relationship crashes and burns.

The Suffolk busker turned pop singer collaborated on the country star’s Red album, they even tweeted a photo of them hanging out!

Reminiscing, Ed said: “We had great fun when we met. But I don’t think I’m Taylor’s type.

“If you look at all the dudes she’s dated, they’re all tall, brown hair, brown eyes, very attractive and all the girls scream for them.

“I’m chubby, ginger with blue eyes.”

We wonder if Ed realises that he could immediately up his romantic success rate by simply going for less attractive members of the opposite sex – let’s be honest, we’ve all been there!

We hope you find a nice girl to snog for NYE, Ed you cutie.

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