The Saturdays’ Mollie has run in with the law

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The Saturdays spoke to us about the US adventures

Mollie King, from The Saturdays, was threatened with the Sheriff and removed from a restaurant in LA.

During a trip out to a venue with a Bucking Bronco,Mollie decided she wanted to have a go, but didn’t have the necessary ID.

“They wouldn’t let Mollie ride the bucking bronco and she was fuming!” explained Frankie.

Undeterred though, Mollie still tried and was told “Ma’am if you try one more time I’m gonna call the Sheriff!”

Frankie continued to dish the dirt, saying: “She wanted to go on this bloomin’ bull and you had to have ID on you and Molly didn’t have any. Mollie didn’t learn for the whole three months that we were in LA (much to my dismay) that if you go out in LA you have to have ID. So she used to get ID’d everywhere. So we managed to get her in and then she wanted to go on this bloomin’ bull, so she kept using my ID and someone elses’ ID. In the end she got taken out, and this man was like “we’re actually gonna call the sheriff, we’ve got cameras everywhere”

“I can’t believe Mollie is the one getting in trouble with the police, out of all of us.”

Don’t worry though it wasn’t too serious. Just one of the fun stories the girls told KISS about from their trip to the US.

Listen out for their interview with KISS Breakfast this Thursday between 6-9am where the Rochelle, Una, Mollie, Frankie & Vanessa also chatted to us about working with Sean Paul, babysitting duties and more.

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