More Justin Timberlake and Jay Z collabs

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The singer confirms that he’s recorded “a lot of stuff” with Jay-Z.

Justin Timberlake confirmed that he’s recorded “a lot of stuff” with Jay-Z, in an interview with KISS Breakfast.

Talking about their time in the studio together, Justin explained:

“We just started messing around and you know…not to give too much away, but we did a lot of stuff, Jay & I.”

The Suit & Tie star, who announced that he’ll be doing a ‘Legends of The Summer’ tour in the US with Jay Z, also explained to Rickie, Melvin & Charlie that his good working relationship with Jay Z means the pair are likely to continue to work together over the next year or two.

Justin also spoke about the about the video for his new single Mirrors, working with Timbaland and how he feels about acting. He also told that he’s really excited about KISS Presents Wireless Festival.

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