Dappy “to enter Celebrity Big Brother”

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The N Dubz bad boy is in dire need of a cash injection to avoid bankruptcy… is CBB the answer?

Dappy looks set to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house on January 3rd.

The 26-year old is said to be facing bankruptcy unless he can come up with some cash fast – which Channel 5 bosses are happy to stump up.

A source said: “Dappy has been given a stark warning to pay off his tax bill but he needs cash fast. Celebrity Big Brother has come knocking and it’s been tough to say no.”

If it happens, it might be awkward for the N Dubz frontman who has slated reality TV before.

Last year he said: “No way would I go on one of them, they’re the kiss of death. You go on I’m A Celeb or Celebrity Big Brother when your career is fading away. It’s a disgrace!”

Dappy, who once described himself as ‘the UK’s answer to Lil Wayne’, has had a bit of a tough year, which culminated in a horse kicking him in the face a few weeks ago.

The Camden-born rapper had to go to hospital, but the horse has been hailed a hero and there is a petition to have him awarded an Outstanding Contribution To Music award at next year’s BRIT’s.

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