R Kelly confirms release of Christmas album

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R Kelly is swapping singing about ‘hos’ for Ho Ho Ho.

R Kelly might not be the sort of man you associate with Yuletide, but he’s set to change all that with the release of a special festive LP.

Yes, Kels is swapping singing about ‘hos’ for a hearty Ho Ho Ho.

Tentatively titled The 12 Nights of Christmas, the Chicago-born singer revealed that the festive record has been two years in the making.

“I started it last Christmas but I don’t believe in putting out a Christmas album just to sell records,” he explained adding that he wants it to become a new seasonal classic. “You have to take a couple of Christmasses, and then you come with it.”

The 46-year old also revealed he has seven or eight other albums “ready to go like rockets”. Today marks the release of his new LP, Black Panties – which is definitely not a suitable Christmas present for any elderly relatives.

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