Bieber ISN’T retiring from music

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This will either make your day or ruin your Christmas, but it’s official – Biebs isn’t quitting music.

Just a few hours ago the internet was awash with whispers that Justin Bieber was retiring from music at the ripe old age of 19.

The rumours began when Biebs told a US radio show he was retiring.

He also said he was planning to take a “a step out” as he “wants to grow as an artist”.

“I want my music to mature,” he said.

However, his team have now issued a denial, which means that Justin Bieber isn’t going anywhere!

Just as well… as tricky as it is to admit, in a lot of ways, behaviour-wise hes the biggest rock star in the music industry right now!

Oh and about the string of controversy that seems to follow him – from cavorting with Brazilian strippers to insulting fans about their weight – he said: “I’m 19, I’m gonna make mistakes, it’s inevitable!”

True dat!

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