Rihanna wears clothes from Tesco!

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Seriously, she does! And now the joggers she was seen wearing in New York have totally sold out.

The next time your mum is trying to convince you that there is nothing wrong with shopping for clothes at your local supermarket, she’ll have a new argument… RIHANNA DOES IT.

RiRi, the darling of designers, Anna Wintour and basically every fashionista on the face of the earth, was papped wearing a pair of joggers from Tesco.

A pair of £7 joggers from blimmin’ TESCO!

Obviously she looked amazing, but that’s just her… she could probably make a (Tesco Value) bin bag look good.

Needless to say, the joggers are now sold out as the whole world logs on to the Tesco website trying to snap up their very own grey jogging bottoms.

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