Mariah Carey’s big glittery regret

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Her career was nearly ended by Glitter, the 2001 film which was ridiculed by critics and fans.

Mariah Carey claims that her biggest regret is 2001 movie, Glitter.

Speaking on US TV she revealed her feelings about the cinematic flop – which managed to almost end her career after it was royally panned by fans and critics alike.

“It was called the “G” word, we couldn’t bring it up,” she revealed.

“In retrospect, I’m like, you know what, I learned something, and I’m grateful for that experience. But, it was a horrible couple of years, and then I had to get my momentum back for people to let it go.”

In the film, Mariah played a singer called Billie, who goes from backing singer to superstar after falling in love with record producer Domino, played by UK actor Max Beesley.

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