Beyoncé’s karaoke bar photobomb

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The singer surprised a group of girls singing karaoke, but one passed out and missed the fun!

Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland surprised a group of girls singing a Bey track, in a Miami karaoke bar.

The girls were doing their rendition of Bey’s “Party” when the Grammy Award-winning singer strolled into the private karaoke room alongside her BFF!

Sounds amazing right? Only, not everyone got to enjoy the moment…

Imagine, you’re on a karaoke night out with your mates and Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland pay a surprise visit to your booth…only, you’ve had a couple of ‘lemonades’, fallen asleep on the seat and so miss the whole thing!

That’s pretty much what happened to one of the girls in the group, but, just to make it a little bit funnier, the Destiny’s Child singers even took photobomb style pictures with the poor girl. Sad times.

Staff at the Sing Sing bar shared the story about how their customers got the surprise of their life, via their Facebook page.


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