Dappy working on ‘sexual’ new music

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Dappy says his forthcoming album ‘Miracles’ is completely different to anything he’s done before.

Dappy says he’s been in the studio working on “sexual” new music since coming out of Celebrity Big Brother.

The former N-Dubz star says his forthcoming album ‘Miracles’ has a hip hop vibe and is completely different to anything he’s done before.  Dappy will also be heading out on tour in April and told KISS that he’ll be performing some of his new material.

Dappy also chatted about his time in the Big Brother house and why he decided to take part:

 ”The public had a crazy perception of me so I had to re-paint that picture and I think I did”

He also spoke about developing unlikely friendships with Made in Chelsea star Ollie Locke and Jim Davidson.

“Ollie’s on my phone, he’s cool, he’s my swagger don. Me and him are gonna go shopping together, we’re gonna mess it up,” he said. “Jim Davidson, he’s like my dad, I like that guy! There’s no other person I could have went to, to become that close to.”

Watch our full interview with Dappy below.

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