The Weeknd, Diplo & Kanye remix Drunk In Love

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Kanye West, Diplo and The Weeknd all unveiled reworked versions. Which is best?

As if the Beyonce ft Jay Z original wasn’t amazing enough, we’ve been treated to a trio of top notch remixes of Drunk In Love.

Kanye West, Diplo and The Weeknd all unveiled reworked versions of the hit song over the weekend and we’re not sure which one we like best.

Our first inkling of the Kanye remix came via Beyonce’s Instagram page, where she shared tiny snippets of Yeezy’s new verse, and a visual.

Kanye adds an X-Rated verse dedicated to his missus Kim Kardashian,but from the preview, it doesn’t seem as if the sound of the song has changed much.

The Weeknd, on the other hand, set social media alight with his completely reworked cover of Drunk in Love. Again featuring a few explicit lyrics but merging his signature stripped back sound with the original tempo.

Flipping things totally though, Diplo has upped the tempo and piled on the bass for his trap remix.

Check out all three below.

Kanye West

The Weeknd


So which one do you prefer?

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