Diddy or Daddy? What to call Puffy

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The music mogul appears to want us to call him Puff Daddy again.

P Diddy/Sean Combs/Puffy… whatever you call him…appears to want us to call him Puff Daddy again.

The music mogul has reverted back to the name for his forthcoming album MMM. There was no big announcement though, the change simply appeared in a promo video for his forthcoming single ‘Big Homie’, where he is credited as Puff Daddy.

Despite using the name P Diddy for years now (it’s currently his official Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo and Instagram name), he said today that he has always been Puff Daddy.



More importantly, MMM will be Puff Daddy’s first solo album in four years. The new single Big Homie features Rick Ross and French Montana

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