Neon Jungle announce new single: LOUDER

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Check out the teaser video for the new track.

Neon Jungle have announced that the track ‘LOUDER’ will be the fourth official single to be taken from the album.

The powerful ballad will follow on from previously released singles Trouble, Welcome To The Jungle and Braveheart.

Speaking about their new song, they said: “Lyrically it’s very relatable, it’s about drowning out feelings and emotions. It’s about not being in control of the way you feel because of someone else and wanting to turn everything up louder to escape that.”

The different sound may be a surprise to some, but the ladies say LOUDER is still a powerful track.

“I think people expected our fourth single to be another dance track but it was always in our plans to release a slower song and surprise people. It’s still got the energy and power but in a more subtle way.”

A teaser video for Louder, which is due out on 20 July, has been unveiled by the band.

The group’s debut album Welcome To The Jungle is out 28 July.

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