Nicole Scherzinger previews Your Love

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Hear a preview of Nicole Scherzinger’s new single Your Love.

Nicole Scherzinger has shared a short clip of her upcoming single Your Love.

Taking to her Instagram page, she posted the teaser saying “Can’t wait for you to hear the whole thing!” but fans won’t have to wait long as the full song is due to premiere tomorrow (29 May) before its official release on 13th July.

Your Love is the first cut from Nicole’s forthcoming new album, which is expected to drop later this year.

The single and the forthcoming album, scheduled for autumn release, are the results of a collaboration between Nicole and #1 songwriters/producers, The Dream and Tricky who have worked with artists ranging from Beyoncé, Kanye West , Katy Perry, Jay Z and Rihanna.

“I had to make this whole album with it just being the three of us.” explained Nicole, on her partnership with The Dream and Tricky.

“For the first time in my career I feel like this album is me, it’s real. It’s a very personal album for me. It is a reflection of the woman I am, the woman I am not and the woman I want to be.”

Check out the preview of Your Love below:

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