Katy Perry’s Birthday proven to make you happy

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Research was done to look at the emotional responses to various tracks.

Experts have found that Katy Perry’s hit, Birthday, is “scientifically proven” to make you happy.

Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’ was linked to excitement and John Legend‘s ‘All of Me’ to nostalgia, in the research carried out by Spotify alongside Professor in Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience, Jacob Jolij.

The idea was to look at the emotional responses triggered by a range of tempos , lyrics, and even the key of different songs.

“The up-tempo rhythm of Katy Perry’s Birthday will encourage active movement and dopamine release, which is good for your mood.” explained Jolij.

The report also stated that songs like David Guetta‘s ‘Bad’ may “help in channelling our angry feelings”.

So what tracks make you happy? Is it all about Katy Perry’s Birthday for you too?


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