Will Adele’s new album be called 25?

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Hold up, did we just get confirmation that Adele’s next album will be called 25?

Reports are coming out that Adele‘s next album will be called 25, and we’ll get it before the end of the year!

The World Music Awards Twitter account shared the news about the album title with followers, although we haven’t yet had confirmation from Adele herself.

Earlier this year, Adele’s publicist confirmed that we could expect to get a new album from Adele this year and our Twitter detectives have already noticed that she posted a cryptic clue in May after her 26th birthday.


Calling the next album ’25′ would definitely follow the pattern of naming them after the age she was when they were written -’19′ and ’21′.

As a happy mother of one, we could all be in store for a much lighter and happier album from Adele.

Eeeek! We’re already excited!