Beyoncé addresses lift fight on Flawless remix

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Hear the new remix featuring Nicki Minaj

Beyoncé has referenced the infamous ‘elevator fight’ in the Flawless remix ft Nicki Minaj.

The track premiered at the weekend and as part of a brand new intro, Beyoncé addresses the Solange/Jay Z incident.

“Of course sometime sh*t goes down when there’s a billion dollars on the elevator. ” she raps, then repeats, just in case we didn’t quite catch it the first time.

Like Beyoncé’s album, this new remix came pretty much without warning, although there were rumours last week that the reason Nicki Minaj had pushed back the release of her track Anaconda, was because she’d be appearing on the Flawless remix with Beyoncé, and that’s exactly what happened.

Minaj appears around half way through the track, and raps alongside Beyoncé before taking over with a strong, but expletive-filled verse.

If you thought the Bang Bang line up with Nicki & Jessie J & Ariana Grande was big…this takes it up a notch.

Warning, this does contain strong language.

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