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Rickie, Melvin & Charlie in the morning

With driveplus from Direct Line

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Hit the road with Rickie, Melvin and Charlie in our very own driving game!

Download KISS CAR JAM and play it now on your smartphone or tablet!

Pick your car, choose your driver and make sure you’re strapped in tight. Dodge Melvin’s tasty chicken, Rickie’s leather jacket and Charlie’s favourite headphones, and rack up the points!

Be the best driver, get the highest score and share it with your mates. You could also win an iPad thanks to DrivePlus from Direct Line!

Check it out below!

Download KISS CAR JAM for your mobile & tablet

Want to find out the inspiration behind KISS CAR JAM?

Well, watch how Rickie and Melvin performed behind wheel when we set up a DirectLine DrivePlus challenge!

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