Do you do work experience placements?

Yes! We often run placements here at KISS. Check gothinkbig.co.uk for more info on how to get involved.

How can I advertise on KISS, KISSTORY or KISS Fresh?

You can find out more about advertising with KISS radio here. Adverts on KISS radio are regulated by the Advertising Standards Authority. If you feel an advert breaches their guidelines, please get in touch with the ASA.

I'm having problems with the KISS Player. What do I do?

For problems with the KISS radio player (via desktop or the KISS KUBE app), email: radioplayer@bauermedia.co.uk

How can I send you music?

The programming department at KISS radio are always on the look out for new music and keep bang up to date with what KISS listeners are loving. Every week they listen to all the latest tunes they’ve been sent and tracks the KISS DJs have recommended and choose a few to add to the KISS Playlist. Most of the specialist radio DJs also post their show tracklists online.

Please send all music for KISS radio to:

Head of Music, 
 1 Golden Square
, Soho
, London
, W1F 9DJ

How About KISS TV?

At KISS TV, we always endeavour to play not only a high quality of music but music in popular demand from our audience. When choosing a well known artist their performance in the charts and ILR (Independent Local Radio) will be the main deciding factor. However, as the highest rated music channel, we also need to support new acts and these acts will be highlighted when they’re seen to be receiving a lot of backing from radio & TV.

Music videos for KISS TV are only accepted through a legitimate record label who will then deliver it via our Fastrax system. We do not accept DVDs or Beta sent directly into us.

Unfortunately KISS TV can’t publish the playlists due to copyright infringements. KISS TV listings appear 7 days prior to air time on your television’s EPG.


If you have won a prize on KISS or kissfmuk.com but haven’t received it yet, check the terms and conditions of the competition. It can take some time for prizes to come through.

How do I get in touch?

Head over to our Contact Us page.