Teacher begs for snow in Adele 'Hello' parody

Teacher begs for snow in Adele 'Hello' parody

Mary Morris | © Mary Morris YouTube and Adele | © Adele YouTube

Mary Morris, a school teacher from Tennessee, has made a snow day themed parody video of Adele’s hit ‘Hello’.

Mary has changed Adele’s famous lyrics to, “Snow, it's me, I know we just got out for Christmas but I really need some more time to myself, you see. So if you could come a day or two or maybe 23. If it's gotta be so cold, the least that it can do is snow."

Although this video was released last year, it's beginning to do the rounds again as we gear up for snow potentially hitting Britain this week.

Since uploading the video to her YouTube page in January 2016, it has racked up an impressive 3,669,548 views.

The Met Office has predicted snow showers are set to bring 2-5cm of snow across Britain at the back end of the week. 


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